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Over thirty years of studio and live experience - with a focus on unique local New Orleans talent. The Frenchmen Street Records label started back in 1995 and has since that time produced (2) Live at the Dream Palace compilations featuring a unique and eclectic assortment of artists — as well as several CDs from jazz flautist Hart McNee, in addition to CDs from Soul Project and Walter Wolfman Washington. For complete discography view http://monola.net/labb0375.htm.

Jazz, Funk and Rock

Rhythm & Blues

New Orleans Roots

Compact Disc Releases

Funk | Soul | R&B

Walter Wolfman Washington
Howlin' Live at DBA
New Orleans

Funk | Soul

Soul Project - Music For Movers And Shakers

Latin, Jazz

Hart McNee
Saint Cecilia

Funk | Rock | R&B | Jazz

Dream Palace Live Volume 2 (Assorted Artists)

Funk | Rock | R&B | Jazz

Dream Palace Live Volume 1 (Assorted Artists)

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Studio Recording

Live Tracking and Overdubs with Grace™ and True™ mic pres & Classic Studio Microphones


Analog Outboard Gear (EQ/Dynamics/FX) and Large Midas™ Mixing Console

Mobile Recording

24 Track Live Recording Packages are available upon request(*). Contact us for more information.

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